About Rocky Corner Cohousing

The first cohousing community in Connecticut is actively seeking new members—families, singles, and couples of all ages. We have an option on a 30+ acre former dairy farm in rural Bethany, about twenty minutes from downtown New Haven.

The real work of designing our community is just beginning! We are planning a beautiful, pedestrian-centered, multi-generational neighborhood of about thirty private homes, a common house for shared facilities, and plenty of land for playing, gardening, and farming. We've got our architect and consultants, and we're on our way.

Our plan is

  • To create the first cohousing community in Connecticut
  • To live sustainably and affordably
  • To know our neighbors, balancing private space and community resources
  • To balance urban amenities and rural advantages

Sustainable architecture means energy efficient homes that will be warm, beautiful, and environmentally friendly.

Pedestrian-friendly means a neighborhood that is kid-friendly and kid-safe. Cars will be kept to the periphery; we'll access our homes via pedestrian pathways, allowing safe play areas, among neighbors you know.

Balancing private space and public shared resources means we'll each have our own self-sufficient home while having the opportunity to share meals, activities, and resources on our common land and in common buildings. We plan to have community meals in the common house a few times a week for all who wish to participate.

Green Haven, Inc. is the organization we created to develop Connecticut's first cohousing community. Rocky Corner is the name we've chosen for the development where we plan to live.