Your neighbors

Here are thumbnail sketches of some of the people who are already members of Rocky Corner.

  • Amy grew up in the New York suburbs and has been in the New Haven area since 2000, with the exception of two years in Delaware. She is married to Sean and mom to Lucy and Dexter. Amy practiced as a midwife for four years and now works on maternity care reform nationally. She co-edited the 2011 edition of Our Bodies Ourselves, and co-authored a book about evidence-based maternity care, Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach.
  • Brenda grows produce as the manager of a community-supported agriculture farm and tends alpacas, chickens, and shiitake mushrooms at home. Brenda is a Connecticut native. She has a master's degree in elementary education and taught in Woodbridge and Bridgeport. She has put a lot of time into Green Haven’s site and design committee and is active on the project management committee and the policies and procedures committee. Brenda will be heavily involved in gardening, farming, and permaculture implementation operations at Rocky Corner.
  • Charlotte is an architect, a LEED accredited professional, and a newly minted grandmother. She is working on a survey of the historic barns of Connecticut and on a survey of modernist architecture in New Haven. Charlotte finished hiking the entire Appalachian Trail in 2009. Charlotte helped guide our architect selection process for Green Haven. She works on the site and design committee and the finance committee.
  • Dick is a self-employed book editor and book designer—as well as a former butcher, baker, printer, organic farmer, peace activist, tech writer, and community organizer, in no particular order. Dick is active on the marketing committee, the design committee, and the project managementcommittee.
  • Joanna is a retired teacher and social worker. A native New Yorker, she was active in starting the UFT. She enjoys photography and working with a variety of art media. She loves spending time with her grandchild. Joanna put her past work as a real estate agent to good use during our site selection and negotiation process. She is active on the policies and procedures committee and the site and design committee. Joanna is really looking forward to gardening at Rocky Corner.
  • Marie is a hospital maternity nurse, a weaver, an electrician, and a gardener. She spent untold hours on site screening and selection for Green Haven and is active on the the marketing committee as well as dynamic self-governance implementation committee. Marie is active in numerous community organizations.
  • Nikki was an activist in the reproductive rights movement in Canada. She now works in women's healthcare. Nikki loves the outdoors and kayaking in particular. She has put in time as the agenda coordinator, helping to keep our meetings working well, and is active on the welcoming and membership committee, the site and design committee, and the finance committee.
  • Rich is a New Haven native and lifelong resident of the area. He has long experience as a community activist. In addition, he has a degree in fine arts and is a painter and woodworker as well as a retired computer programmer. Rich is active on the welcoming and membership committee, the site and design committee, the policies and procedures committee, and the homes committee.
  • Sean grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in California, settling in the Washington, D.C., area only long enough to meet future spouse Amy. They eventually moved to New Haven, where Amy trained as a midwife. He has made a living as a journalist and editor, but now devotes most of his time to raising two children, Lucy and Dexter. Sean is an enthusiastic amateur musician and an avid photographer. He is active on the marketing committee, the site and design committee, and the project management committee.
  • Tina has a longstanding interest in energy efficient housing and has lived in two passive solar homes. She was envisioning something like cohousing years before she realized that there was a name for it, and she was thrilled to discover that a well-established model for cohousing already existed. She is a physician with an unusual specialty practice that has brought her invitations to speak at conferences around the world. Tina is on Green Haven’s site and design committee and dynamic self-governance implementation committee.
  • Tom has worked for four decades in community services for the elderly, a career he chose after studying at Yale Divinity School. Tom has a lifelong interest in photography, sings in a choir, and has for thirty years been a member of the Greater New Haven Charades Association. Tom has served in the past on Green Haven’s membership, policies and procedures, and marketing committees.