Joining Rocky Corner

Living in a cohousing community is a rich experience for those who are willing to put energy into it. We are looking for individuals and families who want to make a positive contribution to the life of the community. The path to membership is designed to give newcomers and existing members time to find out whether they are a good fit.

If you think you might be interested in becoming part of Rocky Corner, the first thing to do is begin coming to meetings. One of our monthly potlucks is a good meeting to begin with, as it will afford you the opportunity to get to know some of us informally and to ask questions about cohousing. Our formal business meetings are tightly scheduled, and there is less opportunity for socializing.

Once you decide you want to join Rocky Corner, an existing member will serve as your buddy while you work through the membership process. Along the way you will

  • Read and agree to our major governing documents (our vision statement and our caring communication guidelines)
  • Attend a number of meetings
  • Join and participate in one or more of our committees
  • Familiarize yourself with the group’s members and history
  • Undergo training in our decision-making process
  • Introduce yourself formally with a brief biography and informally through conversations with members
  • Pay a nonrefundable initial fee of $200
  • Visit at least one other cohousing community
  • Furnish references

This is a summary of the formal process, but as you can see it takes some time. Once you have completed the process and signaled your decision that you want to become a member, your buddy will propose you for membership to the membership committee. They will review your progress against the membership checklist, and if everything looks good, they will propose you for membership at a business meeting. Then, with the consent of the members, you will become one of us.

Remaining a member in good standing requires continuing to attend meetings, participate in committee work, and meet other obligations, including financial obligations, you agree to when you join.