Shared resources

A large common house is a key feature of cohousing communities. The common house serves as natural community center where we can socialize and share meals if we want to, and we can take advantage of common recreational facilities such as a library, a craft room, a workshop, an exercise room, office space, a kids' play room, a teen lounge, or a game room, among other ideas.

With shared facilities available in the common house and elsewhere on the property, the privately owned homes don’t need a lot of seldom-used spaces, such as guest rooms, and can therefore be smaller and more affordable than standalone suburban homes, where everyone has their own lawn mower and snowblower, plus a guest room, an office or two, and space to entertain twenty people at a dinner party.

Moving from a typical single-family suburban home to a cohousing community typically reduces energy costs by about forty percent. Because Rocky Corner's community will be designed specifically for energy efficiency, the saving should be even greater for most households.